Color in the Cold

Winter weather in PA can be miserable and unbearable at times. The only things that can get me to go outside during this time of year is to take photos.

If it were up to me, I would snuggle up, tuck away, and hibernate all winter until the flowers start to pop up in the spring.

A lonely long walk out to the mailbox on a snowy morning.

A lonely long walk out to the mailbox on a snowy morning.

When it snows it is gorgeous. Especially when it covers the entire ground. This landscapes are to die for. I also noticed that whatever colors were still exposed after the snow was done falling, they popped. Each color was an accent to the beautiful natural landscape that the winter brought.

After taking this initial photo, I moved in close to focus on each individual color that was present.

Jana & Bill

Jana and Bill were one of my favorite couples to photograph this year! Photographing their wedding was such a blessing! Two of the sweetest people out there who put their whole trust in me when it came to their wedding day! Here is a sneak peak :)

Niki, Brandon, Lauren and Taz :)

Niki and Brandon asked me to photograph them and their adorable little dog, Taz, for their holiday cards. Niki and I met this fall when she contacted me to photograph the little girl that she nanny's for. 

Her and Brandon are the sweetest couple and their love for one another is undeniable. They were so open to coming to philadelphia to have their photos taken in a new place! We had a ton of laughs and a great time. Brandon brought his sister, Lauren, along to help out with Taz while we did photos of just the two love birds. Even though we forgot the doggy treats at home, Taz was so great and very cooperative! I hope you enjoy these photos!

Sweet Addie

I've been blessed to be able to photograph Addie and Lorelai both since they were little babies. They are both my cousin's kids and too adorable! Here are a few fun images from our session the other week. 

Erin Smith - Senior Portraits

I've had the pleasure of knowing Erin Smith for a number of years! She has wanted me to photograph her senior portraits ever since she was a freshman in high school.

Such a sweet girl with a wonderful smile and a pure heart! So full of joy that she lights up the room the minute she is around. A joy to be around! I was so honored to capture these special photos of her before she graduates this year as well as photos with her adorable boyfriend!

Strike A Pose

Annalisa has been my "go to" model for this final year of my education at Antonelli Institute! Her face is almost able to be considered and //icon// of Lauren Lenko Photography! I simply wanted to post this image because she is stunning and I am thankful for her availability to model for me whenever I need her to!